Seamans Book

 Summary of procedures for issuing Seaman’s Book

Following documents are required:

  • Two Colored photos of size 3cm x 4cm - on white or light blue background, taken within the last 6 months, covering the face from ridge to chin without spectacles and headwear.
  • A copy of Seafarer’s existed Certificate of Competence (License) with submission of original Except of maritime institute students and auxiliary personnel.
  • Medical Examination Certificate – Certificate should include information regarding color of eyes, height and special physical mark of person.
  • Agency service fee.
  • For students: Letter of Petition from maritime Institute - In case if a student has to pass seagoing practice on the ship.
  • Existed Seaman Book.

Additionally for Citizens of Georgia:

  • A copy of Civil Passport with submission of original A copy of page with personal data.

For superintendent:

  • Letter of Petition issued by Crewing Company registered in Georgia - if the person assigned to fulfill his duty on company’s vessel.

Additionally for Foreign citizens studying in Georgia and Employed on vessels flying under Georgian Flag:  

  • A copy of Foreign Civil Passport - A copy of page with personal data.
  • A copy of the Student Visa or Residence Certificate with submission of original – in case when person is living and/or studying in Georgia.

Additionally for Auxiliary Personnel Members:

  • Copies of mandatory Certificates of Proficiency for auxiliary personnel members - According to Regulation of “Forms, Production, Issuing and Using of Seaman’s Book.
  • Letter of Request issued by Ship Owner/Operator and original of Employing Contract.